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  Ready for Hillary to Explain Benghazi
Ready for Hillary to Explain Benghazi
You Made One Big Ass Mistake Again - Anti Obama
You Made One Big Ass Mistake Again 

Obamacare is like a stool sample
Don't Blame Me - I Voted for Romney
Don't Blame Me! I Voted for Romney!
Hope is Not a Strategy
Hope is not a Strategy
Obama 2012 - Because you have the right to remain stupid!
Because you have the right to remain stupid.

I Built My Business
If Obama Had a Son - Empty Chair
If Obama had a son - Empty Chair
Government Did Not Build My Business
Gov Did Not Build My Business
i don't belong to government - anti obama
I don't belong to Government.
I Built My Business - Romney Ryan
I Built My Business - Romney Ryan

Miss Me Yet?
Romney Ryan 2012
Romney Ryan 2012
Romney Ryan comeback team
Romney Ryan - America's Comeback Team
The SEALS were denied
The SEALS were denied.
Romney Ryan
Romney Ryan
Time is Up - Mitt Romney President 2012
Debt is Up, Unemployment is Up, Gas is Up
Romney 2012 - Believe In America
Romney 2012 - Believe In America
Mind your own business, Mr. President.
Mind Your Own Business, Mr. President.
Romney - At Least He's Not A Commie
Romney - At Least He's Not A Commie!
OMG: Obama Must Go
OMG: Obama Must Go
Romney - At least he's not a commie
Romney - At Least He's Not A Commie!
Romney - At least he's not a commie!
Romney 2012 - At Least He's Not A Commie
Romney Rice 2012
Romney Rice 2012
Don't Make One Big Ass Mistake Again
Don't Make One Big A** Mistake Again
Anybody But Obama Sticker (Bumper 10 pk)
Anybody But Obama for President 2012
Hype & Blame 2012 - Anti Obama Bumper Sticker
Hype & Blame 2012
Mitt Romney for President 2012
Mitt Romney 2012
Mitt Romney 2012 Bumper Sticker
Mitt Romney 2012
Take Out The Trash 2012
November 2012 is take out the trash month
Romney 2012
Repeal Obama's Mess Now Elect You-know-who
Obama 2012 - Because you have the right to remain stupid!
Because you have the right to remain stupid.
Poor Obama
Poor Obama
OMG: Obama Must Go
OMG: Obama Must Go
Rick Santorum for President
Santorum 2012

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Newt Gingrich 2012 Sticker (Bumper)
Newt Gingrich 2012
Anybody But Obama
Anybody but Obama 2012
Done Januray 20 2013
DONE - JANUARY 20, 2013
Re-elect Obama - You Have The Right To Remain Stupid
Re-Elect Obama, Stupid!
Shovel Ready Jobs
My Dog has created more Shovel Ready Jobs than Obama
Obama for FORMER President 2012
Obama for FORMER President 2012
Anti Obama Delusions of Adequacy bumper sticker
Delusions of Adequacy
Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo - Seal Team Six
Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo! Seal Team Six - 05.01.11
Geronimo EKIA Sticker (Bumper)
Geronimo - EKIA - Enemy Killed In Action
Seal Team VI Bumper Sticker
Thank you, Team Six
Seal Team Six Kills Osama
Obama Ass 2012 Sticker (Bumper)
Does this ass make my car look big?
Obama Ass Sticker (Bumper)
Does this ass make my truck look big?
Obama Ass Sticker (Bumper)
Does this ass make my SUV look big?
Stop Repeat Offenders - Don't Re-Elect Them - Anti Obama Bumper Stickers
Stop repeat offenders - Don't Re-Elect Them!
Obummer Burden 2012
Obummer Burden 2012
Ron Paul 2012 Sticker (Bumper)
Ron Paul 2012

Miss Me Yet?
Anybody But Obama Sticker (Bumper 10 pk)
Anybody But Obama for President 2012
Miss Me Yet? Sticker (Bumper)
Miss Me Yet? Star Spangled Banner
Hope is Empty
Hope is Empty - Anti Obama 2012
Anti Obama - Hope Aint Hiring
Hope Aint Hiring
Michele Bachmann for President
Bachmann 2012
Mitch Daniels 2012
Mitch Daniels 2012
Newt Gingrich 2012 Sticker (Bumper)
Newt Gingrich 2012
Hermain Cain for President
Herman Cain 2012
Gary Johnson Sticker (Bumper)
Gary Johnson 2012
Ron Paul 2012 Sticker (Bumper)
Ron Paul 2012
Sarah Palin for President 2012
Sarah Palin 2012
Tim Pawlenty for President 2012
Tim Pawlenty 2012
Paul Ryan for President 2012
Paul Ryan 2012
Perry for President
Rick Perry for President 2012
Recalculating Obama
Change We Can Believe in? RECALCULATING
Mitt Romney for President 2012
Mitt Romney 2012
Sticker (Bumper)
Allen West 2012
Sorry Yet? You Can't Blame Bush Anymore!
Sorry Yet? You Can't Blame Bush Anymore!
Repeal ObamaCare
Repeal ObamaCare
Anti Obamacare
ObamaCare - Not Intended to diagnose, treat, cure...
Support SB1070 Arizona's Anti Illegal Immigration Law
Support Arizona's SB1070
Warning: Undocumented Democrats
Warning: Undocumented Democrats
1 down 49 to go - Support Arizona's SB10709
1 down 49 to go! Support Arizona's SB1070
Boycott Mexico
Boycott Mexico
Illegal is Not a Race
Illegal is Not a Race - SB1070 is Not Racist
Honk if you Love Arizona
Honk if you love Arizona
Deport all Illegals to San Francisco
Deport all Illegals to San Francisco 
Viva Los SB1070 - Arizona Immigration
Viva Los SB1070
I Love Arizona
More Cowbell - Less Obama Bumper Stickers
More Cowbell - Less Obama
Party of NO!
When it comes to Socialism I'm from the party of NO!
United States Tea Party
Proud Member: United States Tea Party
We The People Will Be Heard on November 2, 2010
We The People will be heard on November 2, 2010
Anti Obama - That Spin Was a Loser
That Spin Was a Loser! - Anti Obama
Obama's Incredible Mess
Obama's Incredible Mess
Obama Mart
Obama Mart - Where everything is FREE

Impeach Obama

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Uncle Sam Fires Obama
ObamaCare: BureauCrazy - Anti Obama Care
Anti ObamaCare - BureauCrazy
You Made One Big Ass Mistake America
You Made One Big Ass Mistake America
Obama Bowl - Fix Problem vs Blame Bush
Obama Bowl - Fix Problem vs. Blame Bush
Free Markets - Not Freeloaders
Free Markets - Not Freeloaders
It's Bush's Fault
San Andreas is off the hook! From now on it's Bush's Fault
Seal of the Joker of the United States
Hope for Change in 2012
Obama Joker Socialist
Obama Joker Socialist
Give Obama Time
Give Obama Time! 25 to life seems fair!
It's a Suppository
ObamaCare - Just Bend Over - It's a Suppository!
Sarah Palin 2012
Sarah Palin 2012
Sorry Yet?
Sorry Yet?
Obamanomics - A Debt Sentence for America
Obamanomics - is a Debt sentence for America
Obama Sucks Part 1
Obama Sucks Part 1 of 2
Obama Sucks Part 2 of 2
Obama Sucks Part 2 of 2
Change for the Worse
One Big Ass Mistake America - Change for the Worse

Obama's Scorecard

Bankrupt America? YES WE CAN!
Oba Mao Tse Tung
Oba-Mao Tse-Tung
Hydrogen Barackside
Hydrogen Barackside - Kills Capitalism on Contact

Nancy Pelosi: Doing to Healthcare What she did to her face!
Obama Blows - Anti Obama
Obama Blows
Are We Venezuela Yet?
Are We Venezuela Yet?

Uh Oh - Obama 

Oh Crap

No You Won't

ObamaCare Makes Me Sick

ObamaCare: A Grave Mistake

Obama's a Commie, Pelosi is Too!

Uncle Sam Says "YOU LIE"

Uncle Sam: You Suck

Stop ObamaCare - My Body My Choice

Liagra - Why do you think my eyes are brown?

ObamaCare: Why So Socialist?

Socialist: Barack Hussein Obama

One Big Ass Mistake America

Each Time Obama Blames Bush he Admits Failure

Who's afraid of the big bad Fox?

Rejecting Socialism is not Racism

Obama: Whiner In Chief

I See Red People

UnEmployed - The Only Change I've Noticed!

ObamaCare: Socialist Line - Do Not Cross

How's that Hope & Change Working So Far?
Kill The Bill - Anti Obamacare Bumper Stickers
Kill The Bill

Stop Printing Money

Impeach Obama - Stop Printing Money

Stop Printing Obama Bucks

Impeach Obama

LOL Obama

ObamaCare - Just 3 Easy Payments

Nobel LOL

Nobel Joke

Guess who gets the bailout?

Uncle Sam: You are PISSING me off!

Four Stars beats a Logo

Bombs! Not Bailouts!

Uncle Sam: YOU are screwing with America

Don't Call it a Surge. Call it a Bailout!

Who are you going to trust?

Obama Sucks

General Motors McChrysler
Kill The Bill Bumper Sticker
Kill The Bill - Anti ObamaCare - Anti PelosiCare


Joke Obama

If Bullshit was currency

Seven CIA Directors Agree

IMPEACH OBAMA: I'll Support That Public Option!

Socialism is Un-American

Socialism is un-American

Impeachment is a Public Option

ObamaCare: HealthCare You Can't Refuse!

Rejecting Socialism is Patriotism

American Should Not Obamapologize

In God We Trust - Obama - Not So Much

Snake Oil

Error 44 - Not found - Hope not found

Obama: Fail

Buck Ofama

With All Due Respect: Obama Sucks!

Joe Wilson: You Lie!

ObamaCare: YOU LIE!

Socialism: Sucks

ObamaCare: A Grave Mistake

To Avoid Socialism Lasting Longer Than 4 Years

One Big Ass Mistake America

Hope Faded: Faster Than The Logo

I Am The Mob: Obama Approved

Bankrupt America? YES WE CAN!


ObamaCare: DNR

ObamaCare: Do Not Resuscitate




Waterboard a Thug or Let Americans Die

Okay to murder but don't EVER waterboard

Free the prisoners, prosecute the agents

The White House: Take it back in 2012


I'll Let You Die Before I Waterboard

If we can't waterboard them, abort them

A New Chapter - Chapter 13

Barack Obama - A Threat to National Security

Barack Obama - A Clear & Present Danger

ObamaCare: When You Are Shovel Ready

Bankrupts America

Take Back The White House 2012

ObamaCare: Two Years to see a doctor!

ObamaqCare equals Rationed Care

One Big Arrogant Marxist A-hole
ObamaCare: Clunkers Beware!

I was anti-Obama when anti-Obama wasn't cool

Dump Obamacare America

Obama & Pelosi: Two Jokers in every deck

Socialist Joker Obama

Socialism Joker Obama

Joker Obama

ObamaCare: The Line For Dying Starts Here

Told You So

ObamaCare: Makes Me Sick

Socialized Medicine: It's To Die For

ObamaCare: Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid

The efficiency of the DMV, the compassion of the IRS

ObamaCare - Shovel is Ready and the DIRT NAP is free

ObamaCare: Death & Taxes are Certain

ObamaCare Side Effects

Obamanomics: Kiss Your ASSets goodbye!



The Weed of Socialism

Socialism Bears a Poison Fruit

The Weed of Socialism - NOObama
Barack Obamadinejad 2012

Obama is acting Stupidly

Waterboarding should be safe, legal & rare

Bankrupt America? YES WE CAN!

Honk if I'm Paying Your Health Insurance!

Stupidly Elected - Smartly Impeached

Stimulus? What stimulus?

The Stimulus Sucks


Bush Cheney Wanted to Kill The Terrorists

Bush Cheney 2012

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Coffin Makers support ObamaCare

Obamacare: All you need is Glove

Thanks to Barack, The Nationls Going Baroke!


ObamaCare: Bend over and say OUCH

Fool Me Once...

America needs a leader not a reader!

I want a leader not a reader!

Obama is a READER not a LEADER!

Socialism - Do Not Cross

Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth!


It's Probably Obama

Stop Global Warming - Keep Obama's Mouth Shut!

Obama's Scorecard

Socialism is Un-America

This is your paycheck after Barack Obama

A Nation is a Terrible Thing To Waste

Barack Obama Scares Me

There is no HOPE in Socialism

Taxed Enough Already

Obama is Spending Our Grandkids' Inheritance!

Take your "change" & shove it!


Don't Call Obama a Jackass!

Save America - Impeach Obama

All your money are belong to Obama

dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot

Why Doesn't Obama Pray?

Ride Air Force One - Donation Required

Tell Obama What to Do: 202.456.1111

The Asses Are Now In Control

Don't Blame Me - I'm From Texas

Keep the change!

My Choice - Not Obama's

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01.20.09 - A day which will live in infamy

Anyone But Obama 2012

Obama Approval Rating: Change We Can Believe In

Obamanomics - In Your Guts You Know It's Nuts

Naturalize, Nationalize, Socialize, Globalize

Obama Hazard

If it's bad for America I want it to fail

Homeland Security Warned you About Me

BIG Mistake



Good thing Hitler's Dead!

Pirate vs. Pirate

Real Pirates Suck

Congressional Pirates are the Worst

Big Sister is Watching

Tea Partycipant and Rookie Radical

Homeland Insults

I Served in the U.S. Army - Radical

I Served in the Marines - Radical

I Served in the U.S. Navy - Radical

I Served in the Air Force - Radical

I Served in the Guard - Radical

I Served in the Military - Radical

STOP: Fiscal Child Abuse

You Might Be A Radical If:

Four Trillion Dollars

As Seen On Fox News -

I'm a Veteran who owns a Gun and Goes to Church

YOU made One Big Ass Mistake America

One Big Ass Mistake America

Obama's Foreign Policy

Obama's Change?

These Colors Don't Bow

The President

Barack Obama Side Effects Include

What is wrong with this picture?

American Presidents Don't Bow!

Barack Obowman

Stand Up For America

Fast Forward to 2012

You Socialist Bastard


Three Thumbs Down

Impeach Obama

The Kool-Aid is wearing off!

All I got was a Socialist State

Never Put All Your Baskets in One AIG

Time for a PEE Party!

Tele-Prompter Required

Impeach Obama

Money in my pocket - Change Shoved Down My Throat

Taxes & Spends Like a Socialist

Obama's Solution? Blame Bush

America's Laxative

Obamanomics - Change We Can Believe in?

Reject Obamunism

Socialist Networking

Honk if you voted for Socialism

I voted for the Old White Guy!

Obama Spoke - Now I'm Broke

Recovery = Obama loses job!

Obama: The Biggest Joke on Late Night TV

Blame Game Champion


Whiz Kid: Pee on Obama

Impeach Obama

The Taxes You'd Save

Obama will be impeached

Honk If I'm Paying Your Mortgage

No Free Man Shall Ever Be Denied The Use Of Arms

Obama & Osama Connections to terror

Spending Your Money Like a Drunken Sailor

The Mayans were WRONG!

Don't Blame Me - I Voted for McCain

Impeach Obama - I can think of a TRILLION REASONS

Comrade Obama of the U.S.S.A.

Impeach Obama - Change You Can Believe In

Obama Sucks

Impeach Obama - Distress


Welcome to ObamaNation

Are You Better Off?

Honk if you voted for Obama

Socialism is closer than you think!

A New Chapter: CHAPTER 13

Keep the change!

President Obama? Better Worry!

Pocket Change You Can Believe In

F Barack Obama Sticker (Bumper)
FBO - You know what it stands for!

Ass Seen On TV: Barack Obama


God HELP The U.S.A.

National Nightmare Begins

01.20.09 - The Obama Error Begins

Beginning of an Error!
Lucky for Obama Sticker (Bumper)
Lucky for Obama Some Don't Think
Be Afraid of Obama Sticker (Bumper)
Whiz on Obama Sticker (Bumper)
Whiz on Obama

I wanted McCain not Hussein

Obama Sucks


Some Gave All - Some Have Gall
Obama: 747 Sticker (Bumper)
If assholes could fly Obama would be a 747

Close Gitmo - Send the Detainees to Illinois

Socialist Fother Mucker!

Barack Obama - Sham! Wow!

Driver Carries NO MONEY!
Up Yours Obama Sticker (Bumper 50 pk)
Up Yours Obama
Obama Fart Sticker (Bumper)
Barack Obama - Like a Fart!

Up Yours Obama
NOBAMA Sticker (Bumper)
Deceived Sticker (Bumper)
Change you will be DECEIVED IN
Appeasement Sticker (Bumper)
The audacity of appeasement!
Bitter Gun Owner Sticker (Bumper)
Bitter Gun-Owning Voter
Warning Sticker (Bumper)
WARNING: Bitter Gun-Owner
Warning: Christian with Gun Sticker (Bumper)
Bitter Christian clinging to my gun!
No Obama 2008 Sticker (Bumper)

No Obama Zone Sticker (Bumper)
Danger: No Obama Zone
NOBAMA Sticker (Bumper)

Presidents need more than a teleprompter



If assholes could fly... Sticker (Bumper)
If Assholes Could Fly...
That's Scary! Sticker (Bumper)
President Obama - Now That's Scary
Bitter - Better Sticker (Bumper)
You're Bitter. He's Better.
Too close for comfort! Sticker (Bumper)
Obama? Osama? Too close for comfort!
Spell Check Obama Sticker (Bumper)
Spell Check says Obama is Osama
Outraged Sticker (Bumper)
Obama's White Half Sticker (Bumper)
Obama's White Half?

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